Thermo Scientific Forma® Steri-Cycle® CO2 Incubators

Our reliable direct heat Steri-Cycle CO2incubator combines the best of both worlds –our unique in-chamber HEPA air filtrationsystem providing continuous protectionagainst unwanted airborne contaminants andan on-demand, high temperature sterilizationcycle, to simplify your routine cleaningpractices. Providing precise CO2 control withchoice of TC (thermal conductivity) or IR(infrared) sensor, excellent temperatureuniformity and recovery characteristics, theSteri-Cycle is a favorite of researchers seekingthe benefits of complete contamination controland dependable long term performance. 

  • Total Contamination Control is provided by the Steri-Cycle’s unique design. Its validatable in-chamber HEPA air filtrationsystem continuously removes invadingparticulates and maintains your importantcultures in cleanroom-like Class 100 airquality conditions. Additionally, an on-demand140°C high temperature sterilization cycle,reliably eliminates contamination from allinternal surfaces, simplifying cleaningprocedures. 
  • Adaptable to Your Specific Requirements – configure the Steri-Cycle, to your specific needs and work environment with a choice of CO2 sensors, reversible door swings and ahost of options including available relativehumidity monitoring, antimicrobial copperinteriors, automatic gas tank switchers,datalogging and IQ/OQ documentation kits. 
  • High Capacity for Maximum CultureSpace – the large 6.5 cu.ft Steri-Cycle chamberprovides ample room for samples.

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